Frequently Asked Questions


What is CoolBreeze Connect?
CoolBreeze Connect is the CoolBreeze Cloud Platform that lets CoolBreeze users control their air conditioner remotely via the new QC web enabled Controller or via Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa*/Apple Homepod*.

*Amazon Alexa & Apple Homepod integration coming soon.
How do I install it? And can I fit it to an existing CoolBreeze unit?
What are the minimum requirements for using CoolBreeze Connect?
What if I don’t have –or want –a Google Home?
I’ve got an Amazon Echo, does it work with that?
Will the app work on iPhone and Android devices?
How many phones and tablets can be used?
What if the customer doesn’t have a smartphone or Wi-Fi?
How do I know my Keypad is connected to the internet?

Voice Control

How do I connect to my Google Home/Mini?

You must first register to Coolbreeze Connect, do this by downloading the App from your App Store or visiting

Once you have an account, you can start using voince control straight away. See Below for examples of commands.

CoolBreeze Connect will detect that your account has not been linked yet and prompt you to login to your account via the Google Home/Assistant app.

How do I control my CoolBreeze via Google Home?
How do I connect my Amazon Echo/Dot?
How do I control my CoolBreeze via Amazon Echo?
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